ER Replacement Filters

From: $10.00

Order additional, replacement ER Filters to use with your ER custom earplugs. Use these filters with the ER9, ER15 and ER25 earplugs.

To order additional or replacement ER Filters, please:

  • Select the filter that you want to order.
  •  To order a single filter: Please select 1 for 1 single filter.  
  •  To order a set: Please select 2 filters for a pair.  



To order additional or replacement ER Filters:

  • Select the filter that you want to order
  • To order a single filter: 1 is for 1 filter
  • To order a set: please order 2 filters

Note: ER filters are only compatible with ER custom earplugs that are made to be inter-changeable, like ours.

  • ER 9 Filter: For low sound levels, like acoustical music and orchestra’s. ER9 colour of the filters is red (temporarily)
  • ER 15 Filter: The most versatile ER Filter, suitable for most applications.
  • ER 25 Filter: For very high sound levels, like drummers and highly amplified music. ER25 colour of the filters is blue (temporarily)
  • ER Blank Filter: Turn your ER custom Musicians Earplugs into solid earplugs.

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ER Replacement Filters
From: $10.00