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Pacific Ears New Zealand offers the very best in personal hearing protection. Custom-fitted earplugs provide the perfect fitting hearing protection for every type of (noisy) environment.

Custom-made Earplugs

Custom made Ear plugs – Personal (sleeping/ swimming), Music, Industrial and Recreational.

  • PE PACS Pro27 Motoplugs - red and blue, with filter
    MotoPlug – Custom-Fit Earplugs for Motorcyclists
    From: $329.00
  • PACS Max Block custom earplugs - side with grip
    PE Max Block Custom Canal Earplugs
  • PE PACS Pro10 Earplugs for Vocalists
    PACS Pro10 – Custom Earplugs for Vocal and Acoustic Performers
    From: $317.00
  • PACS Pro15 Custom Earplugs for Acoustic Musicians
    PACS Pro 15 – For use in Acoustic and Orchestral environments
    From: $317.00
  • PACS Pro17 Custom Earplugs
    PACS Pro17 – Hearing Protection for Musicians and Vocal Performers
    From: $317.00
  • PACS Pro20 Custom Earplugs
    PACS Pro20 – Custom made earplugs for drummers, the motor-sport and industry
    From: $317.00
  • PACS Pro26 Custom Earplugs for Drummers
    PACS Pro26 – Robust Protection for High Noise Environments
    From: $317.00
  • PE-Pacs Pro27 custom earplugs for industry work
    PACS Pro 27 – Designed for high-noise industrial environments and motor-sports
    From: $317.00
  • PE PACS Pro31 Custom Earplugs for mining and industry
    PACS Pro 31 – For use in extreme industry environments
    From: $317.00
  • PACS Pro Impact Switch for Shooting
    Pacs Impact Switch – For Hunting and Shooting
    From: $317.00
  • PACS Pro Impact (15,19) Custom earplugs
    PACS Pro Impact 15 – Custom Earplugs that reduce Sudden High-Volume Sounds
    From: $292.50
  • PACS Pro Impact (15,19) Custom earplugs
    PACS Pro Impact 19 – Custom Earplugs that reduce Sudden High-Volume Sounds
    From: $292.50
  • PACS Sleepsound Custom Earplugs for Sleeping
    PE SleepSound – Custom made Earplugs for Sleeping
    From: $199.00
  • PACS SwimFit Aware - Swimplugs
    PE SwimFit Aware – Custom filtered swim plugs
    From: $229.00
  • PE SwimFit - Custom Earplugs for Swimming and Surfing
    SwimFit – Custom Earplugs for Swimming
    From: $199.00
  • Custom Sleeves
    Custom Sleeves
    From: $199.00
  • ER Musicians Earplugs with Pin
    Etymotic ER Musicians Earplugs – Custom made High Fidelity Earplugs
    From: $349.00
  • Etymotic Custom-Fit for Earphones
    Etymotic Custom-Fit for Earphones
    From: $199.00

Custom Made Hearing Protection

Custom earplugs require a visit to make a set of ear impressions that are used for the manufacturing of perfect fitting, custom hearing protection. Once you have ordered we will send you the details of the fitting point close by. The impressions are included in the purchase price.

Pacific Ears Australia offers several types of custom earplug products that have benefits, such as:

  • Custom-molded to your own ears for perfect fitting hearing protection
  • Protect your hearing from excessive noise levels
  • No need to remove when communicating
  • Perfect flat attenuation (noise reduction) and low occlusion for Musicians, (DJ’s, Band members, Orchestra players)
  • Ideal hearing protection for industrial use (construction, metalwork panel beating, boat building etc). Class 5 AS/NZ1270 tested products available.
  • Ideal for work and domestic activities (lawn mowing, house renovations, DIY work etc)
  • Ideal for recreational activities (shooting, hunting, motorsports, swimming and surfing etc)
  • For sleeping, we have a dedicated product our Sleepsound plugs.

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