Custom Hearing Protection for Hunting and Shooting
Protecting your hearing while shooting should be a priority for any hunter or shooter.

Protect your hearing while hunting or shooting

Hunting and shooting is an exciting undertaking. When you are kitted out with your first gun / rifle and outfit,  don’t overlook your hearing protection

Innovations in this field mean that you no longer need to walk around with large (unflattering) earmuffs that are uncomfortable to wear for longer periods of time. 

Custom hearing protection allows for natural hearing during periods of low sounds and no loud noises, such as shots or shooting and actively protects your hearing when gun blasts go off.

Comfortable ear plugs for shooting help reduce the potentially harmful effects of noise exposure during shooting sports. 

More information on Shooting and Hunting Hearing protection

Custom-made hearing protection for shooting is far more comfortable to wear in hot and humid environments and allows you to still hear and have a normal conversation.

PACS offers the very best hearing protection devices for sport shooters and hunters
For hunters especially, it’s important to maintain situational awareness while protecting your hearing from dangerous gun sounds. 

These Pro impulse shooting earplugs are designed specifically with hunters and shooters in mind. 
They are custom-fitted to your ears for a perfect fit and the utmost comfort. 

Purchasing a custom-fitted product is an easy process. Just order your product online, and we will get back to you with the details of a fitting point close by. The clinician will make your impressions and send them to us. We will make your product and send it to you. 

Are you Hunting for Hearing Protection?

Our top hearing protection products for shooting

Shop The Latest Innovations In Hearing Protection at Pacific Ears New Zealand. Electronic and passive ear protection solutions for workplace, range, tactical, hunting, & sports.

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