communication hearing protection setsCustom moulded hearing protection sets for the communication industry. Pacific Ears provides various communication products for a range of activities and environments, such as:

  • The Broadcaster earpiece which is designed for broadcasting, security workers, music events and motor sport events
  • The PACS Pro Drivercomms Earpieces which are ideal for the motorsport industry
  • The PACS Drivercomms – Designed for the performance racing environment
  • The PACS PRO Communicator Hearing Protection for High-Noise Environments
  • PACS Pro Drivercomms Earpieces, which are specially designed for the Motorsport Industry
  • PACS Pro Drivercomms are the perfect motor-sport communication and hearing protection product
  • The PACS Pro 27 Communicator provides complete hearing protection for noisy industrial environments

Hearing protection sets for the communication industry

Whatever your need or situation, we have a hearing protection product to match your specific requirements. Require help in choosing the right product? Please don’t hesitate to contact us for assistance!

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  • PACS Pro Drivercomms for Motorsport

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  • PACS Drivercomms – Designed for Motorsport

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    From: $569.00
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  • PACS Pro 27 Filter - RedPACS pro-27-communicator-rt-ph1

    PACS Pro27 Communicator

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  • PACS Pro Communicator

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  • Broadcaster custom earplugBroadcaster custom earplug

    Broadcaster Earpiece

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