Hearing Protection Information

Frequently asked questions regarding hearing protection

For information and answers to questions regarding our process, products or hearing protection in general, please see our FAQ page that is packed with loads of information and answers that might help you. We are also available via email to help you in any way!

Our product selection tool – find the right product for you

If you are struggling to find the right hearing protection product for your particular situation or environment you might like to try our Product Selection tool. The tool matches which earplug, in-ear-monitor or custom made product is suited to your needs. With the help of this overview you can quickly and easily find the right product for your ears!

What class of hearing protection do you need?

Are you interested in Noise exposure and Hearing Protection Class selection? Our Easy Sound Level Calculator can determine the type of hearing protection you need for amount of noise in your environment. Pacific Ears has certified Class 5 hearing protectors available.

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