Gun Sport Pro Elite – Earplugs for Hunting and Shooting

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GSE Rechargeable Earplugs are ideal for hunters, gun sport enthusiasts who need protection from firearm blasts, and for people who need protection from loud continuous noise. That can be noise from vehicles or machinery.


Electronic hearing protection for hunting and shootingGunSport-pro-ELite-lio30

Passive hearing protection is cheaper, and involves no electronic circuit or batteries. However, it is not selective in its attenuation, lowering both low and high sounds. That results in conversation and other important yet not too-loud sounds being drowned and lost.

Electronic hearing protection uses a battery powered electronic circuit that samples your surrounding sound levels in real-time. Safe sound levels are passed through to your eardrums as-is, but the moment sound levels become too high – the hearing protection kicks in and attenuates the sound levels that reach your eardrums.

Natural Hearing Mode allows natural hearing, provides 15 dB of automatic hearing protection when noise exceeds safe levels, & protects from blasts

That means you can keep your hearing protection in at all times in the shooting range. When talking to your instructor – you’ll hear them clearly and naturally when no loud background noise is present. When you or someone nearby shoots, or continuous noise from vehicles or machinery becomes present – you are protected automatically!

GunSport Pro Elite Rechargeable earplugs use Etymotic’s ACCU•Technology with high-definition balanced-armature drivers, high-sensitivity microphones and proprietary wide-dynamic-range compression K•AMP® signal processing.

Gun Sport Pro Elite-earplugs-for-whoDesigned for:

  • Gun sport enthusiasts
  • Professional shooters
  • Guides and instructors
  • Hunters
  • Manufacturing floor workers
  • Heavy machinery operators

Dual-Mode Operation

Automatic Hearing Protection + Blast Protection Mode:

  • Allows natural hearing up to 60dB (normal conversation or background music levels)
  • Provides 15 dB of automatic hearing protection between 70dB to 115dB (vehicle traffic, power tools, lawn mower)
  • 40 dB noise reduction to protect from blasts and other very loud noises, 120dB and over

Hearing Enhancement + Blast Protection Mode:

  • Amplifies up to 5X in the 40dB to 60dB range (soft to normal conversation levels)
  • 35 dB noise reduction to protect from blasts and other very loud noises, 120dB and over

Which mode is right for me?

Both modes will protect your hearing from dangerously loud noise levels and blasts, such as gun shots. The modes differ in safe noise levels, such as normal conversation. Hearing Protection mode will let the conversation in your ears, as if you are wearing no protection. The Hearing Enhancement mode will behave as a hearing aid and amplify the conversation.

The right mode for you depends on whether you need or want conversation enhancement or not.

How long is the charge?

Charged earplugs last up to 16 hours per charge, and a fully charged case can charge earplugs up to 20 times.

Are GSP Elite plugs waterproof?

The GSE is IP67 water-resistant. Blocking out most dust and waterproof for up to 30 minutes at 1 meter depth.

The Gun Sport Pro can be fitted with Etymotic Custom fit Tips for an even better sound seal and comfortable fit.

You can order the Custom fits here: custom fit tips

What’s In The Box?

  • 1 pair of Rechargeable Earplugs
  • Water-Resistant Charging Case
  • Charging Cable
  • Assortment of ACCU•Fit eartips
  • Durable neck cord
  • Filter tool and ACCU•Filters
  • Cleaning Brush
  • User manual

Delivery times:
If the product is in stock, we will usually ship within 1-2 days. If not, it will take about 1-2 weeks for new stock to come in.

1 review for Gun Sport Pro Elite – Earplugs for Hunting and Shooting

  1. 5 out of 5

    Jarrod (verified owner)

    Earplugs work very well and are nice and comfortable. Great customer service.

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Gun Sport Pro Elite – Earplugs for Hunting and Shooting