PACS Drivercomms – Designed for Motorsport

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The PACS Drivercomms Earpieces are custom-made for the performance racing environment, offering clear communication and optimal hearing protection. The Drivercomm earpieces are designed to sit flush in the ear, reducing pressure when wearing a crash helmet and flexing to accommodate changes in ear shape. The earpieces use a single lightweight speaker with balanced armature technology, delivering crystal clear communications compatible with most radio systems. The cable, reinforced with Kevlar threads for strength and flexibility, ensures high-performance and minimal interference. The PACS Drivercomms can be made with a specified length (30 cm) or a standard length up to 1.4-meter cable, depending on the application.


Custom Earplugs Designed for Motorsport

PACS Drivercomms is designed from the ground up with the performance racing environment in mind. Improved and refined over several years, our Drivercom earpieces offer a superbly clear and comfortable communication experience that’s second to none.

Using the softest silicone we can the PACS Drivercomms is crafted to sit as flush in the ear as possible, this reduces the possibility of pressure being applied when wearing a crash helmet and ensures the earpiece is able to flex to accommodate changes in the ear shape that occur when a helmet is worn. In addition, using a softer silicone ensures that isolation is maintained at all times when in use so you always get clear communication that’s not clouded with outside noise.

Crystal clear communication

The PACS Drivercomms uses a single lightweight speaker that’s been selected to deliver crystal clear communications and work perfectly with the majority of radio systems. Using balanced armature technology, the PACS Drivercomms speaker is compact enough to fit discreetly in the ear, allowing us to keep the size and weight of your earpieces to a minimum whilst being powerful enough to ensure that you get a clear vocal signal.

Core strengths

Making sure that we use the right cable to deliver your sound is as important as every other aspect in the design of our earpieces, so we make sure they are just as well-thought-out. Starting with the best conductive core, we then add Kevlar threads for strength and flexibility so that we can be sure you’ll get the performance you demand. Each cable is sheathed with a special finish that reduces the transmission of friction noise to the earpieces, so there’s as little interference as possible. The cable is then clamped at the Y divide with a custom pressed lengthened binder to give it extra strength where you need it most. The PACS Drivercomms can be made with a specified length(30cm) or a standard length up to 1.4-meter cable, depending on which is most suitable for your application.

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Items included:

  • Carry Pouch
  • Wax Pick
  • Comfort Cream
  • Care and Instruction Booklet

Cable options:

  • Standard with 1.4m cable and 3.5mm connector
  • Short cable with DIN/RCA connector for helmet connection
  • Short cable with “Lemo” connector for connection to Stilo helmets.
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Blue (transparent), Red (transparent), Yellow (transparent), Clear


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PACS Drivercomms – Designed for Motorsport
From: $569.00