Broadcaster Earpiece

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Experience comfort and crystal-clear communication with our solid custom-molded earpieces. Our Broadcaster Earpieces come in a sleek, transparent finish. For a unique, personalized flair, we also provide a selection of custom colors available upon request.


Custom mould for communication sets based on the coiled hose. Suitable for broadcasting, security etc.

Custom moulds increase the comfort, sound seal and sound quality.

Our Broadcaster Earpieces are available in a transparent finish. For those seeking a personalised touch, we offer a range of custom colours upon request.

Mould options are:

  • Solid moulds (maximum ambient sound reduction
  • Transparent (custom colours upon request)
  • Vented/open for maximum ambient sound awareness
  • Filtered for hearing protection in noisy environments like Music events, clubs, motor-sport events etc.
  • Canal shaped (recommended) or full shell.

Please note this is only for the custom mould, not the electronics and tubing, but the price includes a local appointment for taking the ear impressions.

Please note this is the custom mould only and does not include the electronics and tubing. To order the coiled hose systems, click here.

Additional information

Mould Style

Canal mould, Full shell

Pro Filter

Open Fit (no filter option), Pro 17, Solid


Left, Left and Right, Right


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Broadcaster custom earplug
Broadcaster Earpiece
From: $116.50